Automating the Process of Working with Offenders

Products and Services

We are a service-oriented company that provides solutions, and the ability to evolve as your needs change. We provide a solid technical base, and a system that is extensive, flexible, dynamic, and field tested.

Tracker models the entire justice system in a fully integrated fashion. Of course we can isolate portions of the system for security purposes as needed, but Tracker provides the ability to connect everything to everything else.

Tracker addresses everything from the point of arrest, through your agency's entire involvement, with the ability to help analyze and evaluate the impact of your efforts.

We license the software for a tiny fraction of its actual cost, and you will find our support policies to be as budget-friendly as any. Tracker has the lowest long-term cost of any significant system on the market.

This web site does not describe everything we do, nor every function Tracker performs. The following links provide an introduction and overview. Please contact us for more information, a demonstration, or to ask about a particular need that you may have.

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